You made the first step. You started.

Go you! You made the first step. You started!

We have all been the new person in the Fitness Centre. Amber, YMCA Personal Trainer, shares five truths, collected from members, about getting started.

1)  You will get stronger. It never gets easier, but you will get stronger. You will adapt to your new stimulus, which will enable you to demand more intensity.

2) You will have to rely on discipline and intention to achieve your goals.  You’re not going to feel motivated to workout every time. Don’t rely on motivation alone. Rely on discipline and intention. Remember ‘why’ you started.

3) Progress over perfection. Not every workout is going to be perfect. Even if you are running late and only have 20 minutes you can still fit in a workout. Show up and do the best 20-minutes that you can!

4) Remember that it’s a new skill. You are going to feel uncomfortable, uncoordinated, and awkward. This is totally normal. You should! It’s a new skill! Think about a time you tried to do any new skill.

5) Plan ahead of time. You need to plan out your workouts ahead of time. Take a notebook with you. Check off your workout as you do it. Consider the help of a qualified Personal Trainer to provide direction, structure, and support for your specific needs.

See you on the fitness floor!

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