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Taking the first steps toward a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming. YMCA personal trainers are certified health and fitness experts, dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest research to help you get started on the right foot. They will answer all of your questions, and stick by your side through every step of your fitness journey. 


Meet your YMCA Trainers



Amber Austin

Amber has been part of the YMCAs fitness team for more than 10 years. She is a certified personal trainer, healthy eating and weight loss coach, Zumba and Boot Camp instructor.


Amber focuses on functional training.  She strives to build stronger bodies and believes that everyone can improve their fitness level no matter what their physical condition. Amber believes that workouts that compliment your lifestyle will make daily life more enjoyable.  She makes workouts interesting and challenging, so that her clients have fun. Amber works with youth through to seniors in strength, conditioning, and stability training.  


Outside the YMCA, she is active with her kids in activities, such as hockey and horseback riding.




Jason Keenan

Jason joined the YMCA of Pictou County four years ago as a certified personal trainer. However, he has been training since he was eight years old in competitive gymnastics, diving and snowboarding.


Here at the YMCA he practises functional cross-training, focused on body weight and kettlebell workouts. He has trained clients who have participated in the Canada Games for Judo, and who play competitive hockey, basketball, and rugby. Jason primarily works with young athletes and push performance individuals, but his style can be applied to meet any fitness needs.


Outside the YMCA, Jason continues to develop his skills through other disciplines such as gymnastics, martial arts, and rock climbing.




Karen Prime

Karen is a certified Can-Fit Pro personal trainer, and an adult and child fitness instructor. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management and previously worked as the Activity Coordinator for The Flames Community Arena in Calgary.


Karen believes that “strong” is “healthy.” She will work with you to build a program that will help you meet your fitness goals. Karen will show you just what your body is capable of doing to get in “prime” shape. She works with a variety of members and adjusts to each clients’ needs.


Outside of the YMCA, she keeps active by hiking and swimming with her family, which includes energetic twin girls





Pete Guthro

Over the past five years, Pete has used his enthusiasm and passion for fitness to train and inspire more than 200 clients at The YMCA of Pictou County. Pete has worked with members who are new to fitness to those who are training for a competition. His approach focuses on strength building and re-shaping. He adapts to each clients’ needs, be it starting with the foundations or a more advanced program. At all levels, Pete assists members with reaching their fitness goals.


Pete has competed in five bodybuilding competitions, placing top three out of five shows. In 2015, he took second place in the Men’s Heavy Weight Division at the Nova Scotia Provincials.


Outside of the YMCA, Pete volunteers at a senior citizens home teaching exercises that they can use to improve day-to-day life.



Marla Sim

Marla is a certified Can Fit Pro personal trainer, as well as healthy eating and wellness coach. Along with personal and small group training, she also teaches a number of classes for all fitness levels.


In her one-on-one and group sessions, she pulls techniques from her knowledge of Yoga, Pilates, and functional training. She creates an environment that not only motivates but also empowers members to continually challenge themselves in a rewarding way. She strives to help you build a strong body, mind and spirit.  Her fitness style can be adapted to meet any clients’ needs.


Outside the YMCA, she is an active hockey and baseball mom to three busy boys. 


For more information, please stop by the YMCA at 2756 Westville Rd. or give us a call at 752-0202. 


Small group training option:

Get a personalized workout program and train with a small group of people like you. You’ll still enjoy close attention from an exercise expert and a plan, but you’ll also get to spend quality time with your partner, gym buddy, or a whole group of friends.


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