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NEW Rolling Registration
Our program is unique in that we offer parents the convenience of registering just once for their child's swim lesson.
If the aquatics department needs to make changes to your schedules time, they will contact to you by Dec. 15,2018 to set up a time that works with your schedule.
If you would like to make changes to your child’s schedule please drop by the Membership/Welcome Desk, or contact the aquatics department beginning Dec 18th and at anytime throughout the session and we will help find a convenient time in our available spaces.
How do I sign up as a new member?
If you are new to the program you can register on January 2nd or at any time throughout the session. 
What is Rolling Registration?
As your child progresses through the YMCA Swim program (moving from one level to the next), the Aquatic Supervisor and staff will automatically move your child into the appropriate class.
If a class that your child should be moving to isn't available in your chosen time/day, the Aquatic Supervisor will contact you to help find another available class to suit your schedule. There is no need to re-register each season. This will be done automatically for you.
What happens the first week of lessons?
As a number of our instructor schedules change from one session to the next, we treat the first week of each new season (Sept-Dec; Jan-Mar; Mar-June; July-Aug) as the first week of lessons.
Your child can meet their instructor at their level. The instructor will introduce themselves and the children to each other. 

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