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YMCAs in Canada build strong, supportive bridges across cultural and national boundaries through immigrant settlement services, global education programs, and collaborations with YMCAs in other countries.

The foundation of YMCA Canada's international work is a belief that human development is a right and that every person deserves opportunities to grow in spirit, mind and body.

The YMCA Global Network

For more than a century, we have believed that the best way for YMCA Canada to effect positive change and promote human development globally is to work collaboratively with partners in the YMCA global network.  

Rooted in local communities in more than 120 countries, YMCAs are autonomous yet united in a shared commitment to support youth and strengthen communities, As members of a global network, YMCAs work together to provide young people and their communities with access to the essentials needed to grow and thrive.

Our International Partners

YMCAs in Canada have a strong tradition of supporting overseas development projects, facilitating international exchanges and engaging the Canadian public in development issues.  Our international partnerships are long-term, multi-dimensional relationships that are based on equality and a common sense of purpose. Through these partnerships Canadians can connect to and contribute to the global community.

YMCAs in Canada provide technical and financial support to community-based projects designed and delivered by YMCA leaders in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. These projects center on nurturing the potential of children and youth, promoting healthy living, and fostering social responsibility through civic engagement.

Our international partnerships involve more than a hundred thousand children and youth each year with the help of the Canadian International Development Agency.  Partnership programs:

  • Advance the human rights of children and youth
  • Focus on increasing access and opportunity for girls and women
  • Offer youth-led education on HIV/AIDS prevention and other health issues
  • Prepare young people for employment


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